Klargester BioTec P1 Installation in the Pewsey area

We were initially approached by our customer to install a small packaged treatment plant (along the lines of a Klargester BioTec) to serve a building that was in the process of being converted to a 3-bedroom living accommodation. As it turned out, the Klargester BioTec was the perfect solution.

The building was formerly an indoor swimming pool and foul drainage was originally served by a sealed cesspool.

Klargester BioTec Testing

A trial hole was excavated to establish the subsoil conditions and percolation tests were carried out. From the percolation test results we were able to calculate the area of the drainage field required in accordance with the British Standard Code of Practice BS 6297:2007 for the design and installation of drainage fields for use in wastewater treatment.

The percolation test results dictated the requirement for 45m2 of drainage field and the only location suitable for this was a lawn area situated uphill of the proposed treatment plant.

Why the Klargester BioTec?

Therefore, the Klargester BioTec was supplied with an integral pump to lift the treated effluent to the head of the drainage field. The Klargester BioTec was selected for this particular project as there are no mechanical or electrical components within the plant itself. The Klargester Biotec plant also has low running and maintenance costs.

Despite having limited access for delivery of materials and muckaway the project was finished on time and within budget.

The attached photos are the before and after shots. The area has been levelled and laid with grass seed.