Would you ever have thought it, an ants’ nest embedded in a Klargester Control Panel?

Earlier in the month, an Environmental Drain Services engineer was called out to a customer’s property in Chobham to investigate a Klargester BAX BioDisc sewage treatment plant that wasn’t working.

After investigating the Klargester tank itself, our engineers decided to take a look inside the Klargester control panel and lo-and-behold: the control panel was infested with ants! They had eaten through the circuit board which caused the breaker unit to trip out and the sewage treatment tank to grind to a halt – sorry ants, you had to go.

Klargester control panel – the fix

After we cleared out the ants we worked hard to get Klargester’s control panel to a working condition again, however it was completely fried. In the end we had to replace the whole control panel.

A Klargester-trained EDS engineer visited the customer the very next day after the fault was reported. The customer was without a plant for just three days whilst we sourced a replacement control panel for the Klargester plant and installed it.

The Klargester control panel itself only took our engineer to replace once the spare had arrived from Klargester. It’s just a shame that Klargester’s warranty doesn’t extend to acts of ants!

What is a Klargester control panel?

The Klargester control panel communicates faults to the householder or maintenance representative via a digital display and fault codes.  The power to the treatment plant is also fed from the control panel, so no control panel = no sewage treatment plant!

EDS – Klargester certified

Klargester are widely recognised as industry leaders of off/mains drainage solutions. EDS, based in Verwood, Dorset, are proud to be one of Klargester’s largest fully-certified installers in the UK, we can provide Klargester septic tanks, Sewage treatment plants, pump stations, rain water harvesters and a wide range of interceptors.

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