Come rain, snow or shine, EDS will carry on regardless!

Severe weather warnings

The met office has been issuing severe weather warnings all over the UK in recent weeks and months – resulting in an influx of calls regarding sewage treatment for flood risk areas.

Storms are one of the most common issues that affect small businesses and residential properties; with blackouts caused by electrical storms, flooding in high risk areas affecting sewage treatment plants, and snow bringing the whole country to a standstill.

Of course, life must go on even in stormy weather, and your septic tanks and sewage treatment plants need to be robust enough to stand up to any sort of weather. An inch of snow might cause public transport and schools to close for a week, or cause experienced drivers to forget their training; electrical storms might mean that instead of sitting in front of your television of an evening, you might have to resort to the lost art of conversation – but nothing stops Environmental Drain Services from doing their job.

Sewage Treatment for Flood Risk Areas

We understand that come rain, snow or shine – our engineers need to be on call no matter what, to ensure the excellent levels of customer service that we are renowned for.

This last week has seen us installing sewage treatment plants and drainage in all weathers – from 3 inches of snow in West Yorkshire, to a light dusting of the white stuff in deepest Dorset, followed by a drowning in Devon and beautiful (if somewhat chilly!) sunshine in Somerset.

Luckily for the West Yorkshire team, they were working on drainage for a pub, so of course it was absolutely essential that they stay over and test the hospitality! We are reliably informed this was very good, but needed to be tested on several occasions before they could get a true picture..?!  Well…who are we to judge?