Well it certainly does now that Environmental Drain Services have been there!

Rainwater Harvester Installs

Here at Environmental Drain Services we install Rainwater Harvester  systems all over the country. Historically our main trade has come from Dorset and Hampshire, but we will go wherever the job takes us.

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We have been commissioned to install all shapes and sizes of septic tanks and sewage treatment plants – including Rainwater Harvester plants – in all manner of weird and wonderful locations, in all parts of the country and overseas – well, the Isle of Wight to be precise but you do have to cross the Solent to get there, and if the recent big vote had gone the other way Scotland would have been abroad too!

We can also legitimately claim The Isles of Scilly as they are across or just in ‘The Pond’.

Rainwater Harvester Installation on Mars!

Hoever, our biggest claim to fame has to be that we have even installed a Rainwater Harvester where no man has gone before, to the final frontier. EDS have installed a Rainwater Harvester on  Mars!

Well…on the Mars factory site in Basingstoke strictly speaking, but it’s still quite impressive…kind of…

What’s really important, however, is that Rainwater Harvester allows them to flush their many WCs without using precious fresh water resources.

The Rainwater Harvester system works by taking the rain from your roof gutters, filtering out the leaves and debris and storing the water in an underground tank. This is then pumped into the house to be used for non-potable applications such as WC flushing, domestic laundry, irrigation/landscape watering, garden watering and vehicle washing.

Maybe one day we’ll cross the final frontier and install Rainwater Harvester plants in space… we are sure that the little Green Men would be so proud!