Septic Tank Blockage

We are frequently called to both domestic and commercial properties to septic tank blockage situations and back-ups in drainage systems, and we never cease to be amazed at some of the things we find causing septic tank blockage.

The fact of the matter is – and we don’t want to be too blue here – there are certain things that just should not be flushed down toilets if you want to avoid a septic tank blockage; particularly in the case of off-mains drainage and septic tanks.

Customers are repeatedly advised not to flush away nappies, feminine products and baby wipes etc down their toilets, whether they be on main sewers or off-mains drainage, to avoid septic tank blockages.

Of course, with a septic tank or sewage treatment plant system these are more likely to cause blockages due to the pipework involved, and it is not just the toilet that is connected to the treatment plant – remember anything that goes down a plug-hole ends up in the plant!

Unusual Septic Tank Blockage

It’s not just run-of-the-mill items that cause problems though – you would not believe some of the things we have retrieved…toys (particularly balls) are common, but you have never seen anyone more surprised than our engineer who pulled out none other than Buzz Lightyear from a customer’s drains – the poor space ranger didn’t quite make it to infinity but he definitely got beyond the bend!!

Of course, Environmental Drain Services’ engineers are ready for all eventualities, and if a septic tank blockage does occur – do not hesitate to call! However emptying and ad hoc drainage isn’t where we thrive, it is our mission to provide your commercial or residential property with the best, bespoke solution for your needs. We will give you everything you need to ensure that a septic tank blockage will be far from your mind.

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