Office Profiles

Make a call to our offices and you will be greeted by Catherine (with a ‘C’), Nicola, or Ali. They will deal with your enquiry in the first instance, or pass you on to ‘a man who can’. Each has their own speciality area – Catherine organises the boys, making sure they have everything they need on site from concrete to excavators in order that your installation runs smoothly. Nicola deals with the Environment Agency and Building Regulations on your behalf, as well as being the Company Health and Safety officer. Ali (that’s me) does the blog, and covers for the other two girls when they have a day off – flitting from desk to desk with no fixed abode, generally fitting in work around holidays!

Catherine enjoys spending her days off with her 2 grandsons, and looks forward to holidaying on the beautiful island of Jersey where she is lucky enough to have a sister. She is also a nature lover, having adopted a squirrel which lives in the trees at the back of our premises, and has even built him a little house which is now fixed to our fence. He is frequently seen running along our windowsills looking for lunch! At home she has two guinea pigs, Amos and Quito (think about it!) and can often be seen scouring the countryside looking for juicy dandelions for their treats. When not scavenging, Cath is an avid netballer. Although not now playing competitively, she continues to umpire every week, and has for the past 20 years been the stalwart Secretary of the League organising all their games, meetings and awards ceremonies.

Nicola is an out and out country girl, living in the middle of the New Forest with her assortment of animals of varying numbers of legs, from chickens to dogs and horses, as well as her partner and mum (who runs a B&B that Nicola obviously helps with). She can even be seen going to the local Pub in the summer under her own horse power! An accomplished shot, Nicola spends her days off during the season both beating and shooting, and even bagged her first Grouse last year. Gregory (as I have named him) now stands proudly in a display cabinet for all to see. She can also be seen standing up to her waist in river water with her fishing rod and “Fly Fishing by J P Hartley” at her side, catching fish for tea. Having recently tried her hand at deep sea fishing, she came back with the Catch of the Day, beating all the other (men) on the boat by a mile! Well done Nicky!!

I, Ali, am the part-timer most famous in the office for not being here much! Having ‘semi-retired’ I work just three days a week in the periods between holidays. In the last 12 months, I have visited Gran Canaria, Cyprus, Jamaica, Malta, Lefkas, Marrakech, and just last week returned from Egypt. I am now counting down the weeks to Rome and Tenerife later in the year. In between holidays, I enjoy motorsport, particularly following the MotoGP and visiting Goodwood for the Festival of Speed and Revival.