Whether it is your home or your business you need to think carefully about clearing out waste liquids. Aside from being bad for the environment it can also have massive health benefits, reducing the risk of contamination and the spread of disease (furthermore nobody wants sewers to flood or having to deal with leaky septic tanks!) Therefore here are a few tips to ensure safe sewage plant installation.

Make sure you have permission

This might sound obvious but there are plenty of people who want to get started that don’t necessarily realise that they need approval from the relevant local authorities and the Environment Agency. However this is the first place you should go- aside from making sure you are permitted to install a system it is also a good chance to discuss what option would be the most effective in your local area.

Choose the right location

The right location is vital both in terms of the effectiveness of the system and to ensure safety. For example if you have a septic tank it should be more than a metre away from any property line, building and at least 9 metres away from any source of water.

For sub-surface treatments (for example underground pumping stations) they should be 1.5 metres away from a property line, septic tank or non-basement building. They also need to be 9 metres away from any basements/cellars and 15 metres away from any sources of water.


Different systems will need emptying on a different basis. There is a popular misconception that a septic tank can purify sewage- this is not true and it is vital that any effluence is disposed of as safely as possible. The purification only occurs after the effluent has moved through soil.

Remember to keep water treatment systems separate from sewage systems, as well as keeping weeds and any other form of heavy growing plant life cut short. Also remember sewage systems can only cope with a certain amount of water so avoid excess use of water where possible and avoid unnecessary wastage (for example pouring large amounts of waste oil down the sink).

Stay safe

As well as correct maintenance it is also important to be careful around septic tanks and other waste treatment systems. You should never enter a septic tank as there is the risk of poison gas accumulation. Always get a professional to check your tank!

The right option for you

As you can see there are a number of factors to consider when choosing a treatment option for your home or business. It is as much about safety and the environment as it is picking something to clear out daily waste. It helps to choose something that is effective but also can help maintain a pleasant environment for you and the people around you.

For more information on our sewage plant installation services or to discuss the best system to suit your needs please contact us today and we will be happy to go over the options with you.