The term “sewage treatment plant” tends to conjure up images of big whirring machines and a lot of waste being churned up in them. However what you may not realise is that there a number of domestic sewage treatment plants available that are ideal for use in the home.

Why in the home?

It is easy to forget that there are a lot of waste liquids that get disposed of regularly in the home- cooking oils, liquids poured down baths, showers, sinks and so forth. All of these could potentially accumulate over time!

While without one of these systems this waste liquid could be harmful it is estimated that these systems can potentially reduce the harmful effects of liquid waste by up to 95% (this will vary depending on the type of waste you have, your local area and so forth).

In effect these systems work in a similar way to the bigger treatment centres but on a reduced scale- using naturally occurring organisms the pollutants can be broken down and then settlement can be used to clear out the finer solids found in the effluent. This effluent is so clean that it can be safely disposed of on a soakway or even directly onto a water course.

These systems are not necessarily anything new- they have been around since the Eighties! However what has changed is the fact that the designs are much more advanced and the treatments are considerably more efficient. In recent times so called “grey water” has even been used in toilets and water plants, saving vital resources in the process.

As with any product there are a number of manufacturers offering different types of system and it is important to consider the right one to suit your home. We also recommend getting a professional to install them and checking the maintenance advice by the manufacturer so that they are cleared out on a regular basis.

It is also important to look for the CE mark and to check if it has been type tested. This (alongside professional installation) will help ensure that you get the best possible system.

In our case we also offer a free appraisal service so we can look at your current domestic situation and offer recommendations specifically tailored for you and your local environment.

The right one for you

It can be overwhelming looking at the range of options available from different manufacturers and the different types of product on offer. This is why we believe in working with people and getting them to look at what is appropriate for their individual circumstances as opposed to pushing a particular make or model.

In short if you would like to know more about domestic sewage treatment plants and want to know what would be most effective for your local area and your particular home please contact us today and we will be happy to guide you through the options and find the ideal one for you.