Over time things can build up in your drains and drainage systems, preventing them from working in the right way (and sometimes resulting in an unpleasant mess!)

While people may be able to pour substances down their sink to clear out blockages this may not necessarily be enough- if you have a drainage system clearing them out takes a bit more effort!

Things that can block a drain

  • Scale- Similar to lime scale on a kettle in that this can disrupt the flow of a drainage system. Clearing this out improves the flow.
  • Fats- As with kitchens the build up fat can affect the ability for a drainage system to work effectively. Remember do not pour fats down the drain!
  • Roots- In simple terms roots can drain water and this can reduce the effectiveness of a drain. These can be hard to remove but it is important to clear them aside and make sure they are kept clear.
  • Blockages- There are various things that could potentially block a drainage system. This is why we offer an appraisal service as this allows us to look at anything that could potentially block a drain.

All of these things can reduce the effectiveness of a drain over time. However it is important to ensure they are removed effectively both in terms of removing the blockage and to allow for the system to be properly maintained after it has been removed.

How it works

In simple terms drain jetting uses high pressure water to clear out blockages. While blasting the blockages with the water can be effective an additional benefit is from the backwash- the backwash can also be used to clear aside other blockages as well.

However it is recommended that you do not attempt jetting on soak ways. The reason for that is because it can be hard to remove the silts. Furthermore the jetter can’t clean the outside central pipe of the soak way. While this can be done it is not very cost effective which is why we do not personally recommend drain jetting for soak ways.

What is right for you?

It is not always easy to know whether or not drain jetting is effective for your particular circumstances. You can be reassured that EDS use the best equipment and have the experience and qualifications to use it effectively. Keeping drainage systems clear is important in order to ensure proper flow and clearing out blockages is a key part of it. However it is not just the work that we do but also the preparation that comes before doing that work.

This is why we offer a free onsite appraisal, giving us the chance to look at your drainage system and look at different methods of clearing out blockages. There is no obligation so you can decide whether or not you wish to go ahead based on our recommendation. For more information please contact us today and we will be happy to work with you.