Commercial drainage systems are both similar to domestic systems and different. On the one hand they require you to clear out waste through a flowing system. On the other hand they are on a larger scale so there does have to be a different approach. In this article we will look at issues surrounding commercial drainage systems and what to be aware of.


EDS have done work with a lot of commercial clients over the years. Our clients have included pubs, breweries, nursing homes, the Ministry of Defence and water authorities. As you might expect each of these have had different requirements and you need to be able to adapt to each brief as required.

For example with a brewer you do have the challenge of clearing away waste products from the brewing process. Other businesses will have other challenges which is why it is important to be flexible.

What to be aware of

One of the big complications with commercial properties is that they are often in close proximity to other businesses, homes and so forth. Therefore the approach needs to be different.

There are various examples of what could be potentially used. A good example would be a sewage treatment plant. This will often be used due to the fact a septic tank or soakway system would not be appropriate due to the potential negative effect on the local environment. Using naturally occurring bacteria it can break down the effluence that would not be done with a septic tank.

We can also offer systems connected to sewers and other drainage systems as necessary (such as gravity or pump stations). As stated before what you need will depend on the size of the site.

As you might expect some would be larger than others depending on the type of client they are. It is also important to emphasise that these systems are properly regulated.

What we can do

We can do this either as a main project or working as a subcontractor to a larger project. It may be that you need interceptors or rainwater harvesters (something people are increasingly keen on as a method of making places more environmentally sustainable).

It is also important to emphasise that everything we do conforms to Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems, so that you can be rest assured that anything that is installed will be appropriate, both in terms of environmental concerns but also in terms of being effective.

The right solution

It is not always clear what is the most appropriate system for your business. This is why we offer free on site appraisals. We can look at your current system and see if it is effective (for example it may be that you need relining drainage connected to the sewer system or it could be that you need a completely different system installed). You can then consider whether or not you want to go with our recommendations.

In short we are confident that we have the experience, skill, qualifications and awareness to find the ideal system to suit your business.