There are numerous methods that can be employed to clear out drainage systems. This is important because any blockages could potentially impair the flow of the system. Below are a few examples to consider, allowing you to ensure that you get the most from your drainage system.


Cesspools (also known as cesspits) are simply put a place to put waste effluence. Unlike other forms this doesn’t clear out or break down the waste but instead a storage area for the waste products. They need to be emptied out on a regular basis.

Jet washing

Sounds basic- a high pressure jet of water is used to clear away the blockages. However with this particular type of jet washing it is not only the pressure but also the backwash that can be used to remove various forms of blockage (everything from fats to scale).

What we would say is that some systems are not appropriate for jet washing-we will always offer recommendations before offering the service.


These are used to clear away pollutants from the downstream. A common example are bypass interceptors used in roads and car parks in order to treat surface run offs and clear away anything that could potentially pollute running water.

There are other forms of interceptor. For example on petrol forecourts interceptors can be used to divide the spill from fuel tanker compartments. Full retention interceptors are also used in areas where any potential leaks could result in damage (such as construction areas).

Reed beds

As an addition to treatment systems reed beds are ideal because they provide natural ways of breaking down effluence into any surrounding body of water. This option is generally best for people who are close to bodies of water and are worried about potential run offs that could affect the local environment (something we take very seriously and we take pride in working according to local regulations).

Regular servicing

Of course another method of ensuring that blockages do not occur and that everything is working in the right way is to check the system on a regular basis. As well as installing systems we also pride ourselves on inspecting and servicing them to keep them in the best possible condition.

The right option for you

Different methods will be best suited to different drainage systems. This is why we offer a free on site appraisal. It allows us to look at the surrounding area and any potential issues that may be part of your local environment.

Whether it is a commercial premises or a residential area we can offer recommendations based on your current drainage system. Whether you have something connected to the sewer or your own septic tank we can look at what is appropriate to you.

For more information on the full range of drainage system and equipment available please contact us today and we will be happy to give you more information to give you the ideal drainage solution to suit your needs.