Sewage treatment plants are used when using a septic tank and a soakaway is not suitable (this can be because of subsoil conditions and the septic tank could be potentially damaging to the environment). While this may sound like additional cost it is possible to get a cheap sewage treatment plant without compromising on quality.

How it works

A sewage treatment plant uses naturally occurring bacteria. This bacteria breaks down sewage more efficiently than a septic tank. The environment for the tank has to be appropriate because this allows the bacteria to thrive, putting them in the contact with the sewage and the air.

Costs involved

It is worth remembering that the cost is more than the plant itself. You also have to consider the installation and the running costs of the plant. Therefore a plant that costs more initially may cost less in the longer term if they run efficiently.

Getting quality

One thing it is important to be aware of is quality. While it is important to get value for money you don’t want to get something that doesn’t do the job you want it for.

There are a number of manufacturers that sell sewage treatment plants.

Companies that offer sewage plants include-

  • Klargester
  • BioRock
  • WPL
  • Conder

There is also the issue of certification that needs to be considered. The plant needs to be type tested and CE certified. It is also recommended that you check local planning regulations as there will be restrictions based on your environment (for example if your place of residence or business is near a body of water.)

Simply put there is the danger that if a cheap system is not certified then you could find yourself facing expensive legal costs. Furthermore an inferior system could result in environmental damage- this will cost more than just money as it would result in damage, a severe blow to a company PR and criminal proceedings.

The complete package

Environmental Drain Services Ltd is about more than just the plant- while this is obviously important there are other factors to bear in mind. We also work on the initial site assessment, checking to see that the plant that you choose is appropriate for your local environment.

We then look at the design to fit that environment- what works for one residential or commercial property may not be appropriate for another. We also ensure that all licenses and approvals are acquired so that the installation is legal.

Finally we supply and install the system. With a company working on every aspect of the plant you know you are getting the best from it. While there is nothing wrong with looking for a cheap sewage treatment plant it is not recommended you cut corners that will end up costing you more in the long term.

If you want to know more about the sewage systems we offer or want more general information please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.