Sewage treatment plants can be a great way of breaking down sewage. They are ideal for environments where a septic tank and a soakway are not enough. However it is important to be aware of the right kind of sewage treatment plant and one thing to consider is whether or not you need a low volume sewage treatment plant.

Different manufacturers

There are a range of manufacturers that offer treatment plants. The best thing to do is to look into what kind of system is best suited to your particular requirements. For example if you want something for your home or a small business then you won’t want something that is designed for a factory or an estate.

This is why a low volume plant is the best option- aside from being most effective for your needs there is the simple fact that you won’t have to pay extra for a machine that is designed for volume that is not necessary. While everyone wants to get the best system running costs should be a consideration!

Whatever the manufacturer if properly installed and serviced a sewage plant can last for at least 25 years. However it does mean using it properly, placing it in the right location and giving it regular servicing. As with any form of technology it is not as simple as putting it up and letting it do the job, it is important to check it on a regular basis.

Call in an expert

Of course you may not necessarily know whether or not you need a low volume sewage treatment plant or not. The best way to check this is to get an initial site assessment. This allows you to get more information on the right kind of plant. Furthermore it means you can choose something that will be legally appropriate for your local area (for example a system for a residential area would not necessarily be appropriate for a commercial property and vice versa.)

Make sure it is legal

This may sound obvious but it is very serious- you have to be certain that the system you use is legal. Aside from the fact it is likely to be less efficient it could potentially cause environmental damage. The thing to look out for is CE certification and to check that the plant is type tested.

Contact us

As stated before there are a wide range of low volume sewage treatment plants available from different manufacturers. At Environmental Drain Services we can give you the support you need to only find an appropriate system but also install it and ensure that it is properly serviced.

In short it is not just about having the appropriate plant for you but also one that suits your local environment, meets legal standards and can be properly maintained. With EDS we will be there from the initial assessment right through to servicing. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.