Some people may find the thought of a home sewage treatment plant a strange concept. When most people think of sewage plants they think of large factories. However in a lot of cases they can be very beneficial for the local environment and in some cases may even be necessary.

Why would you need one?

In some cases it may not be possible to have a mains connected drainage system. You may be in a location that is not convenient for a local sewer system.

It may be that you have a septic tank or a soakway system. For some people this can be enough to provide the drainage they need. However this is not always the case and this is when a sewage plant is strongly worth considering for your home.

The difference

Of course at this point it is fair to ask what the difference is between a sewage system based for the home and one that is designed for a commercial property.

One basic difference is volume- one recent estimate suggested the average householder gets through 160-250 litres of water a day. Therefore it makes sense that for a household of four people you would want something appropriate for that level of capacity.

Size matters

It is important to get the right size and model of plant. The right size is important in order to make sure that effluence is properly broken down and that any damage to the environment is minimised as much as possible. You also want to avoid one that is too large because you don’t want the additional running costs of something that is larger than your needs.

There is also the issue of the type of model you use. While cost is a factor you have to consider the efficiency and the running costs of the system. In the long term you could end up paying more for repairing a cheaper system than you would for running a more reliable one that costs more to initially install.

Environment matters

It is also fair to say that one system is not necessarily suitable for every type of home. Different environments will have different soil conditions. Indeed in some cases local plantlife can help with the soakage and therefore may mean nature has a hand in ensure your system runs more efficiently.

This is why at EDS we offer initial site assessments before installing any sewage plants. It is the chance to look at local conditions and decide what is appropriate for that particular environment. It may mean that one manufacturer offers a system that works better than another because of their suitability for the area around your property.

Whatever the reason we are confident that we can find a system that is appropriate for your home. To find out more about the range of sewage treatment options we have available please contact us today and we will be happy to discuss the range we have to help you make the right choice for your home.