The term “riverside sewage treatment plants” is likely to evoke unpleasant images. The mental image may be of a giant factory need a gleaming river. But this is not the case- for one thing treatment systems are often relatively small and it is important to use them because these plants are there to remove contaminants and to keep these areas clean. With the right riverside sewage treatment plants it is possible to keep these areas clean and to maintain homes and businesses.

Being careful

It is fair to say there are concerns regarding anything involving sewage and the local environment. There are restrictions because it is important to avoid damaging the river environment as much as possible. This is why some treatment systems are not allowed near riverside areas because of the potential environmental damage.

However it is easy to forget that these treatments exist in nature as well- reed beds are often used as natural ways of breaking down contaminants in order to keep rivers clean. In fact there are some drainage systems that also use natural resources like reed beds in order to keep rivers clean, effectively creating an additional layer to break down the effluence.

How they work

Sewage plants use naturally occurring bacteria in order to break down the effluence. This needs to be handled very carefully so that there are no effects on the local environment.

This is why it is very important to seek consultation first before installing any systems. At EDS we offer on site assessments before doing any form of installation. This can be vital as it allows us to see what natural forms of treatment such as reed beds as are available and whether or not these can be incorporated into the sewage system.

Different types

There are a range of different systems available from manufacturers. Some will be lower volume, specifically designed for small households. Others may be higher volume and better suited to businesses.

This will be complicated by the fact that different areas will have restrictions on what can and can’t be used in the local area. Planning permission and the needs of local residents needs to be taken into account before anything can be installed as well as any potential effect on local wildlife.

Talk to us

At EDS we know that there is not necessarily a one size fits all. In fact this is rarely the case- different environmental demands, the amount of people in a household, the demands of a business, each of these aspects will affect how a sewage system will work.

This is why we are involved at every stage- from the initial assessment, the choice of system, the installation and the maintenance. We care about the potential environmental impact and work to ensure any risk to the environment is minimised as much as possible.

If you are looking to get a sewage system near a riverside area or simply want more information on the options available please contact us today.