As the Coronavirus crisis hit in early 2020 you could be forgiven for putting the new 2020 government legislation regarding septic tanks to the back of your mind. However, this legislation still stands and you must ensure your current septic tank system meets government guidelines or you could be faced with a hefty fine.

Currently, no septic tank system is allowed to discharge into a watercourse and if yours does you could be breaking the law. EDS would recommend that you update your current system to a modern sewage treatment plant which guarantees safe and clean discharge into a watercourse. At EDS we are abiding by government guidelines concerning Coronavirus and our workforce are working safely to ensure the risk of contamination is kept to a minimum.

We offer free no-obligation advice regarding your current drainage system so please call us today to arrange a site visit and free quotation to upgrade your off mains drainage to an environmentally friendly and fully compliant sewage treatment plant. Check out the government 2020 binding rules here.