Commercial Grease Trap Installation

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      Commercial Grease Trap Installation – Cleaning Your Restaurant’s Grease Trap

      Commercial grease trap installation is a necessity for all restaurants and food establishments. A grease trap will stop oils, fats and solid food waste from entering your sewage system and causing damage. However, for your grease interceptor to be effective, it needs to be maintained properly.

      It is important to carry out regular inspections of your grease trap. After all, it is the most critical line of defence between your septic system and your kitchen. You need to ensure that your grease trap is working effectively, otherwise fat, oils and grease, which are often referred to as FOG, will enter the sewer lines, where they will solidify and cause blockages. The best thing to do is set up a routine maintenance and cleaning schedule. You should aim to clean your grease trap at least once every month. This will ensure it is kept in good working order and blockages are prevented. The grease trap may even need cleaning more regularly, depending on the size of your restaurant. You should also train your staff on proper food disposal. Just because you have a grease interceptor in place, does not mean you should pour loads of oil and fat down the sink. Your staff need to be aware of the importance of removing as much food solids and waste as possible from pans, pots, bowls and plates before washing. Aside from this, avoid putting drain cleaners, additives, bleach and chemicals down the trap, and make certain that all sinks are connected to the trap.

      If you are interested in commercial grease trap installation, Environmental Drain Services Ltd can assist. We have an array of drainage solutions available and can advise on dosing systems, under worktop systems, and below-ground tanks. For more information about the services we provide and our company as a whole, head to

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