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      Commercial sewage treatment plant may be something you are considering for your business, especially if you cannot have a septic tank installed. In this post, we are going to reveal a little bit more regarding what sewage treatment plants are and how they work.

      A sewage treatment plant is actually quite similar to a septic tank in regards to the process entailed. But, sewage treatment plants incorporate mechanical components that help to break down solids, resulting in effluent that is more eco-friendly and cleaner. So, let’s take a look at the process that is entailed. Sewage and wastewater, typically from a variety of houses or commercial buildings, are fed into a primary settlement tank, where liquids and solids are segregated, and the liquid flows into what is known as a bio zone chamber. In this chamber, a pump will aerate the waste, encouraging good bacteria to digest the organic matter. It breaks down and purifies this matter. The final chamber in the make up of the treatment plant is the humus chamber. As the effluent leaves this, it is usually around 95 per cent clean, meaning it is ready for discharge into land drainage systems, ditches, or local watercourses. Of course, this is subject to consent from the Environment Agency. As with septic tanks, you need to have the sewage treatment plant emptied at least once per year, ensuring that all sludge is removed, as this accumulates over time.

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