Connecting To Mains Drainage

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      Connecting To Mains Drainage – Benefits Of Connecting To A Mains Sewage System

      Connecting to mains drainage becomes an option if there is a new public sewer built in your area. When this occurs, you may wonder whether there is any point in dealing with the potential upheaval of connecting to the mains sewerage system. There are a few important benefits that you should keep in mind.

      What can you expect to gain with a mains sewer connection? Firstly, there are environmental benefits you should be aware of. This includes a reduction in the health hazards and pollution incidents that are associated with leaks from cesspits or septic tanks. Have you ever noticed a foul smell descending on your house? This can often happen when you have a septic tank, or similar drainage solutions, as the waste is held on your property. You should not experience any more problems with smells once you connect to the main’s system. There is also minimal maintenance involved, as you will not be responsible for the main’s drainage system and, therefore, the Water Authority in question will deal with any issues efficiently. If you currently have a septic tank or cesspit, you will need to empty this at least once a year to ensure it does not overflow or become inefficient. Not only is this an added expense, but it is a lot of hassle too. Connecting to the mains eliminates the need to do this. Finally, you can increase the value of your property by connecting it to the mains sewerage system, and it is often easier to sell your home too.

      If you are interested in connecting to mains drainage, there is no need to worry about any potential hassle or upheaval, as we will do all of the hard work for you at Environmental Drain Services Ltd. We can prepare the drainage work and excavation, and we handle the final connection if the Water Authority does not do so at their end. For more details, see

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