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      Grease Interceptor Installation – How Will A Grease Trap Help Your Business?

      Grease interceptor installation is something that all businesses need to consider; especially those that handle food on a regular basis. They are designed to trap grease so that it does not enter your sewerage system. Here we look at the benefits of a grease interceptor in further detail.

      For some companies, there is simply no getting away from installing a grease trap. This is because it is a legal requirement in some industries for related businesses to have working grease management equipment. A smaller system is more than enough to suffice for most businesses; they are easy to use and can usually handle the demands of a smaller business, acting as an efficient and cost effective solution. From a sustainability standpoint, grease interceptors are eco-friendly. This will give businesses an advantage when they are promoting themselves as a green firm that cares about the environment. These types of drainage solutions can also eliminate issues such as foul odours, back up, and pipe blockages. If you were to experience any of these problems, it would cause knock-on effects to your business, including bad publicity and downtime. If reducing that possibility isn’t enough of a benefit, you can be sure of a solution that will be effective for years to come. Most grease traps are made from stainless steel or a similar long lasting and durable material. Finally, the grease that is caught by these interceptors is recyclable, meaning money is saved and waste is reduced.

      For effective and cost efficient grease interceptor installation, Environmental Drain Services Ltd can assist. We have a number of different solutions available for businesses, and we will use our experience and specialist knowledge to determine the best route forward for you. For more information about us and what we can do for you, simply head to

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