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      Grease Trap Solutions – What Is A Grease Trap?

      Grease trap solutions are widely available for both domestic and commercial use. If this is something you do not currently have installed at your home or business, you should definitely think about investing in one. Below, we will explain exactly what a grease trap is to give you a better understanding of why you need one.

      A grease trap is an interceptor, otherwise known as a receptacle that kitchen wastewater runs through before it enters the sewer lines. The receptacle traps grease, oils and solid food waste. Grease and water do not mix well together; oils and fat will simply float on the surface. Because of this, a system of baffles will trap the oils and grease, as they rise to the surface inside of the grease trap. They fill the trap from the top down, displacing the clean water out of the bottom and into the sewer line. You need to make sure you clean the trap, otherwise it will be filled with grease and become ineffective. Grease traps are a necessity because sewer collection systems simply cannot handle animal fats and oils. This is because they cool and solidify, leading to blockages that are expensive to deal with. Grease traps are especially beneficial for restaurants and other establishments that handle a large volume of food on a daily basis. It’s important to recognise that properly maintaining your grease trap is just as critical as having one in place; otherwise you could experience downtime, negative publicity, and costly fines.

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