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      Home Drainage System – Looking After Your Drains

      Home drainage system problems can occur because of a lack of care and maintenance. If you want your drainage system to continue to work effectively for years to come, you need to give it a little bit of TLC. Below, we provide some steps you can follow to clean your drains, ensuring they remain in good working order.

      One of the best ways to ensure good drain maintenance is to simply boil your kettle and poor the water down your drains on a weekly basis. A little bit of hot water straight from the kettle can help to reduce the build-up of oil, grease and fats, which can cause a lot of problems. If you think that your drains need something a little bit more powerful, don’t opt for harsh chemicals to get the job done. This is the last thing you require. Instead, pour a little bit of baking soda down the drain, followed by a cup of white wine vinegar. When you do this, you should be able to hear or see some fizzing, which is caused by the baking soda and vinegar reacting to one and other. This will get rid of the stubborn grime and dirt. You should leave the mixture for about ten minutes, and then use some hot water from the kettle to rinse it through. Finally, you should never, under any circumstances, pour cooking oil or fats down the sink. Instead, you should collect it in a bottle and put it in the bin.

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