Installing A Soakaway

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      Installing A Soakaway – General Considerations

      Installing a soakaway is not something that should be taken lightly. You need to choose an experienced company with the necessary experience and qualifications, as there are lots of factors that need to be considered. Below, we are going to take a look at these factors in further detail.

      All drainage solutions need to carry out a thorough site investigation before they design or install a soakaway. This will ensure that hydrogeology, geo-technology, and all aspects of soil properties are reviewed alongside the hydraulic designs of the soakaway construction. Aside from this, it is vital that soakaways are not constructed closer than 5m to the foundations of a building. There also needs to be care taken to make sure that the current sub-surface drainage patterns are not disrupted by the large volumes of surface run-off being introduced. In some cases, extended trench soakaway systems are considered. The company also needs to consider the impact of ground slope with regards to sitting soakaways to ensure that there is no waterlogging of downhill areas. If that was not enough, the pollution danger to the quality of the groundwater is another important aspect. There is needs to be evidence to prove that groundwater quality is not damaged as a result of roof surface run-off. Finally, the long-term inspection and maintenance requirements must also be taken into account during the design phase. Maintenance can prove to be difficult for home and business owners if it is not.

      If you are thinking about installing a soakaway, Environmental Drain Services Ltd is the company you need. We pride ourselves on delivering a first class service at competitive prices. We are confident that you won’t find better. For more information, simply head to our website: Alternatively, you can speak to a member of our team direct on 01202 821340.

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