Package Sewer Pump Stations

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      Package Sewer Pump Stations – The Most Popular Solution Today

      Package sewer pump stations have become the popular choice in recent years, providing an economic and efficient method of installing a drainage system. If you need wastewater to be transported to a suitable discharge point, a pump station is a must, and below we will tell you a bit more about the package option.

      A package pumping system is ideal for situations where the pumping of liquids such as sewage, wastewater and surface water is required in areas where drainage by gravity is not an option. This type of solution is also suitable for mechanical building services. Package systems differ from other options because they are integrated and built in a housing that is manufactured from glass-reinforced plastic, polyethylene, precast concrete or other types of strong and impact-resistant material. The unit is pre-assembled and ready to be installed; including being supplied with all the internal pipework already fitted. Once the system is put in place, the control equipment and submersible pumps are fitted, and then you are good to go. There are a number of other possible features too, including a pedestal/auto-coupling/guide-rail system, which will make it easy to remove the pumps for maintenance. A high-level alarm indication assists if the pump fails, and fully automatic operation provides ease of use. With traditional site constructed systems, the valve vault components are installed in a separate structure. This does not occur with a packaged system and therefore the risk of uneven settling between the components, and the resulting pipe failure, is removed.

      If you are interested in package sewer pump stations, you can rely on Environmental Drain Services Ltd to deliver the efficient and economic solution you are looking for. We have provided drainage solutions for many customers across the UK, including both domestic and commercial clients. You won’t be disappointed when you work with us. Find out more at

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