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      Septic Tank Installation Devon – General Binding Rules

      Septic tank installation Devon wide is something you may be considering. If you are interested in septic tank installation, you need to be aware of the general binding rules in the UK that apply to all operators. Read on for everything you need to know.

      Firstly, you need to be aware as to whether you are considered to be an operator. You are an operator if you are the owner of the property that utilises the septic system. You are also the operator if you have a written agreement with the person that owns the property stating that you are responsible for the maintenance of the system. Finally, you are considered an operator if you own a property that shares the system with other properties. In this case, you will have joint responsibility when it comes to complying with the general binding rules, as each property owner will be an operator. So, what rules do you need to follow? Firstly, the sewage must not cause pollution and it must be domestic in nature, i.e. it must be from the kitchen, shower, bathroom or toilet of a business, flat, or house. There are additional rules depending on whether you are releasing the sewage to a surface water, i.e. a stream or a river, or to the ground, e.g. in your back garden. If the latter is the case, you need to apply for a permit if you release waste into a groundwater source protection zone, you release more than two cubic metres per day, or you release the wastewater to a borehole, well, or other deep structure.

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