Septic Tank System Installation

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      Septic Tank System Installation – How Septic Systems Work

      Septic tank system installation offers many benefits to residential property owners. Such systems are often viewed as the most economical and environmentally friendly way to get rid of wastewater from a residential property. Below, is a step-by-step explanation of just how simply septic systems work.

      If you have a septic tank installed at your property, the water runs into the septic tank from your home’s main drainpipe. The septic tank is a watertight container that is buried below the ground. It is usually made from polyethylene or concrete. It holds the wastewater long enough to allow the grease and oil to float to the top in the form of scum, and for the solid waste to form a sludge that settles down at the bottom of the tank. Neither the scum or the sludge leave the tank and go into the drain field area due to the shape of the outlet and the various compartments that the liquid needs to move through. The only thing that does exit the tank and go into the drain field is liquid wastewater. The drain field is simply a covered, shallow excavation. The pre-treated wastewater will be discharged through pipes onto surfaces that enable the wastewater to filter through the soil. As the wastewater seeps through the soil, the soil treats and disperses it, removing nutrients, viruses, and bacteria. The design of the system is pivotal, as an overloaded drain field can cause sewage to flow to the ground surface, creating clogs in sinks and toilets. So, selecting a septic tank installation company with care is essential.

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