Sewage And Waste Water Treatment 

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      Sewage And Waste Water Treatment – Why We Need To Treat Urban Waste Water

      Sewage and waste water treatment is a necessity. It is vital to treat urban water; otherwise there are many negative environmental and health risks that could occur. Below, we will reveal what urban waste water is, and why you need to be concerned about its treatment.

      Firstly, what is urban waste water? Urban waste water is commonly known as sewage, and it refers to any of the following: the waste water that comes from industries that discharge to sewers, rainwater run-off from impermeable surfaces and roads, and domestic waste water from toilets, bathroom, and kitchens. So, why do we need to treat this water? Significant damage would happen to the environment if we did not implement waste water treatment. This includes potential health risks from water-born pathogens that occur from discharges to waters that are used for recreational activities. There is also ecosystem damage as a result of water eutrophication that occurs due to excessive nutrients within the water, and the biodegradation of organic matter, which causes oxygen depletion and chronic ecosystem damage. Wildlife may ingest the sewage litter left in untreated waste water, and this can also smoother river beds. If that wasn’t enough, sewage solids can make riverside and beach resorts unattractive to potential visitors, which will, in turn, damage commerce. As you can see, the negative effects are extensive, which is why there needs to be waste water drainage solutions in place. Otherwise, the world would be a much more dangerous, dirtier, and damaging place.

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