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      Sewage Treatment Plants UK Vs. Septic Tanks

      Sewage treatment plants UK wide are viewed as an alternative to septic tanks. But, not everyone is aware of the differences between the two solutions. In this post, we are going to look at them in further detail to help you understand which may be the best solution for you.

      Knowing the difference between these two drainage solutions is very important, especially considering the new legislation that is coming into place in 2020. These regulations will make specific kinds of drainage systems with septic tanks no longer legal. If you fall under this category, you will, of course, need to go for a sewage treatment plant. Moreover, at present, many properties have a septic tank that discharges to a local watercourse. This will also no longer be allowed from 2020 onwards. Knowing the difference between both options is also critical when buying a property. You could find yourself with an expensive road ahead if you buy a house without knowing whether it has a septic tank or a sewage treatment plant. So, where do the dissimilarities lie? Firstly, a septic tank operates without using a power supply while sewage treatment plants have mechanical components. This means that they require a permanent electrical supply to operate. Moreover, a sewage treatment plant typically has three ‘zones’ whereas a septic tank has two. A septic tank simply separates waste, but a sewage treatment plant treats it, which makes the wastewater a lot cleaner, ensuring it does not have such a negative impact on the environment.

      Now you know more about the difference between sewage treatment plants UK wide and septic tanks. At Environmental Drain Services Ltd, we can advise you on the best solution for you, ensuring you end up with the most efficient and cost effective system. For more information about our business and what we can do for you, simply check out our website:

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