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      Unclog Sewer Drain – Common Mistakes To Avoid

      Unclog sewer drain is often a task we attempt to do ourselves before we call the professionals in. After all, no one wants to spend their hard earned cash on blocked drains. Nevertheless, this approach can often lead to more expense in the long run, as we often end up making the issue even worse.

      Before you rush into the issue of a clogged drain yourself, it is important to be aware of some of the ‘DIY tricks’ that can actually exacerbate the problem. For example, you will see a lot of articles and videos online that advise you to use a coat hanger to unblock your drains. This technique involves simply bending the coat hanger and using it like a plumbing snake. What happens if the hanger gets stuck down the drain? This could cause severe damage, costing much more money. Of course, you can even buy sewer snakes, also known as drain augers, on the Internet. However, when in the wrong hands, such tools can cause greater issues. If you don’t know what you are doing, don’t do it! Some drain augers aren’t suitable if the pipes are too wide, for example. A professional will know what tools are required for the job. Aside from this, another mistake is using a chemical drain cleaner. Chemicals are bad for your pipes, as they can lead to corrosion. Plus, they simply can’t dissolve all items that may be causing the blockage. Finally, avoid using a garden hose to create pressure to clear the blockage, as this too could cause major damage to your drains.

      Now you know what you shouldn’t do when you want to unclog sewer drain, but what should you do? The answer to that question is easy: get in touch with Environmental Drain Services Ltd. We have an excellent reputation in the industry and we can provide you with high quality drainage solutions at competitive prices. Call us today on 01202 821340, or check out our website: http://s963370367.websitehome.co.uk.

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