Water Waste Treatment

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      Water Waste Treatment – Collecting Waste Water In The UK

      Water waste treatment is something we all need to be concerned with here in the UK. When water is not treated correctly, harmful chemicals end up in the environment, causing damage to nature, wildlife and humans. However, before we can even begin to consider waste water treatment, we first need to collect the water.

      Every day here in the United Kingdom, 11 billion litres of waste water are collected from rainwater run-off from roads and other impermeable surfaces, as well as from homes and industrial, commercial, and municipal premises. This is collected from the 624,200 kilometres of sewers across the country. 96 per cent of the UK population are serviced by the waste water treatment facilities, pumping stations and main sewers that the UK’s sewerage authorities are responsible for. The rest of the population – the remaining four per cent – is represented by the individual properties and small communities in rural areas that are too remote for mains sewerage systems. They are usually private owners who rely on cesspits, septic tanks and other drainage solutions provided by sewerage companies. In terms of collection systems, there are three main types. The first is foul drainage that amasses domestic waste water from premises. The second is surface-water drainage, which gathers rainwater run-off from urban areas and roads, as well as discharge straight to local waters. The third is combined sewage, which collects waste water from commercial, industrial and domestic premises as well as rainwater run-off.

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