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      Blocked Drains – Trust Professionals To Help

      Blocked drains are an unfortunate regular occurrence for many households in the UK. Blockages can be caused by all manner of things, but the impact can be damaging to your property if you don’t take action rapidly. Many people are unsure about fixing their own drains, especially if the pipework is antiquated; or alternatively so new that they’re concerned about damaging it. That’s why many elect to call in professionals for drainage solutions, ensuring that drains are unclogged properly and that the system is running smoothly again. That said, it’s always helpful to understand what can cause blockages in your drains.


      Why Choose Drainage Solutions Experts?

      You may be tempted to deal with blocked drains yourself. However, one problem with doing this is that you may think you’ve solved the clogged drainage systems, only to find that the issue is more complicated than you thought. For instance, a blocked drain may manifest itself as rising or slow-moving water in a kitchen or bathroom sink. Fixing the visible problem with chemicals or a plunger may not resolve the underlying issue. It’s likely that the issue will recur, as such issues usually do, at the most inopportune time. Unblocking sewage drains may not be a simple case of removing debris from the pipes. It may be that the pipes are damaged themselves, leading to repeated issues. In this case, simply unclogging the current blockage only offers a short term solution. Professional drainage engineers will have the correct tools and knowledge to identify the underlying issues and fix them before they become worse. This doesn’t just mean that the immediate problem is solved – it also saves you time, money and trouble further down the line as prevention is better than cure. One final point to note is that it’s important to take action as soon as you’ve noticed there’s a problem. Unfortunate situations can develop rapidly, especially if a blockage in the pipe is putting pressure on the rest of the system. The knock-on effects of this can work out to be far more expensive than sorting out the blockage as soon as it appears. Always, then, deal with blocked drains swiftly.


      What Causes Clogged Sewer Drain Issues?

      There are numerous reasons why your drains may become blocked. A clogged sewer drain in the home or in commercial premises can be caused by grease and fat building up in the pipes. As much as we all know that allowing grease down into the drain is a sure-fire way to eventually block the drains, many of us continue to do it. Fat sticks to the inside of the pipes, becoming an inner skin that eventually closes up and stops liquid passing through. In bathrooms, a common culprit of sink and shower blockages is hair. Strands of hair going down a plughole may seem insignificant, but they too can easily build up and prevent enough water passing through the system. Blocked drainservices also regularly come across items such as nappies, baby wipes and sanitary items in pipes. These might not block the drain initially but foreign objects like these can easily create drainage problems. Again, we know we shouldn’t flush them, but sometimes the advice is ignored. One thing that does vex people when it causes a blockage is toilet paper. After all, isn’t it meant to be flushed down the toilet? The problem with toilet paper is that people can use it excessively and cause obstructions. When considering how to deal with any of these drainage issues, you should consult a professional who will be able to tell you whether there has been any more widespread damage to your drainage system. A company like Environmental Drain Services Ltd will be able to offer the drainage solutions you need.


      Let Environmental Drain Services Ltd Fix Your Blocked Drains

      Here at Environmental Drain Services Ltd, we have 20 years’ experience in drainage solutions. Our skilled team have been fully trained to deal with both common and uncommon drain blockages and we’ve received extensive positive feedback on our work. As well as being on hand to sort out your blocked drains, we also offer a range of other services which you may be interested in, from septic tank installations through to pumping stations and grease traps. For more information about our drainage solutions services, call 01202 821340 or visit our website at to contact us online. If you’re struggling with a blocked drain, let us help.

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