Grease Traps

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      Oil separators include full retention, bypass and forecourt separators.

      The purpose of oil separators is to treat surface water run offs to remove hydrocarbons before being dispersed into the environment.

      U.K. businesses have an obligation not to cause pollution.

      EDS Ltd recommends the installation of a fuel/oil separator for all forecourts, large car parks, and areas where there is a significant risk of oil/fuel spillage reaching the environment.


      Washdown and silt units are commonly used in areas such as a car wash and other cleaning facilities that discharge directly to a foul drain, which feeds directly to a municipal treatment facility.

      The primary function of this type of separator is to remove silt. A fuel/oil separator will be also required before discharging to a foul drain.

      Whether you need advice on the size and type of oil/fuel separator you require or require design and installation of a new washdown pad we have the expertise, knowledge and skills to help.


      Grease separators provide an effective and hygienic solution for separating grease and fat from waste water flow.

      Grease separators are designed for use in catering facilities such as hotels, restaurants, public houses, canteen and similar applications.

      If you have a commercial catering facility it is imperative that some form of grease management is in place to maintain flowing drains.

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