Rainwater Harvesters

Make your business or home more cost effective by becoming more efficient in your water use.

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      Rainwater harvesting is a very simple concept.

      Rainwater is collected from roof and hardstanding areas, filtered and stored for use in non-potable applications.

      The use of rainwater harvesting systems can provide substantial savings on water bills and make your property more sustainable.

      EDS Ltd are able to offer a range of rainwater harvesting solutions for commercial and domestic project of any size.

      Around half the amount of water we use in the U. K. need not be drinking water. Resources are wasted treating and pumping water from miles away just to flush down the toilet or water the lawn.

      Some of the advantages of installing a rainwater harvesting system include:

      • Reduced water bills
      • Increased chance of gaining planning permission (environmentally friendly applications are often favoured by planners).
      • Water for your garden during a hosepipe ban.
      • Soft limescale free water for washing machines and toilets. This will help prevent breakdowns and reduce the amount of detergent needed.
      • Flood prevention. Rainwater harvesting acts as a part of a SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System).
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