Sewage Treatment Plants

Installing a new sewage treatment plant is a major undertaking. Typically, cleaner and more environmentally friendly than a septic tank

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      Request a FREE Onsite Appraisal

      EDS Ltd are able to offer a complete design, installation and service package for both domestic and commercial clients.

      Sewage treatment plants usually have mechanical components and treat the effluent to a much higher standard than a septic tank.

      A sewage treatment plant can be used in areas where the ground conditions are unsuitable to receive untreated effluent from a septic tank. This may be due to heavy clay subsoils, a high water table or environmental constraints such as ground water protection zones or sites of special scientific interest.

      We will ensure that you are offered impartial advice when it comes to selecting the right sewage treatment plant for your needs.

      We will obtain Building regulation approval, an Environmental permit if required and ensure conformance with the General Binding Rules (2020 regulations).

      We are accredited installers for Kingspan Klargester, KEE process Ltd, Premier Tech Aqua and WPL. These are the leading manufacturers in the U.K. for an extensive range of waste water products.

      EDS Ltd directly employ a team of highly skilled engineers and offer a 36 month warranty on our workmanship.

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