Septic Tank Systems

Installing septic tank systems that adhere to current legislation & regulations.

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      Septic tanks are the simplest form of waste water treatment permitted in England by the Environment Agency.

      Modern septic tanks are constructed from fibre glass or plastic (high density polyethylene).

      Older septic tanks are normally constructed from brick or blockwork and may consist of one or more chambers.

      The septic tank itself will retain foul solids and allow the liquid effluent to filter into a drainage field. There is some basic anaerobic treatment in a septic tank which will break down some of the organic loading. This treatment is very limited as a septic tank relies on an adequate drainage field for further treatment.

      The basic process of a septic tank system is reliant on a free draining subsoil and adequate space, ideally on level ground to site a drainage field.

      A new septic tank system must discharge to a drainage field. The Environment Agency will not permit discharge from a septic tank directly to a water course.

      A septic tank with any other type of soakaway would require an Environment Agency permit. It is unlikely, however, that the Environment Agency will grant a permit due to the potential of contaminating ground water.

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