Soakaways / Drainage Fields

In depth ground testing prior to soakaway system and drainage field installation.

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      EDS Ltd have the expertise and experience to design and install soakaways and drainage fields for both domestic and commercial projects.


      Modern soakaways are normally constructed from concrete rings or plastic drainage crates and are primarily used for surface water applications.

      A soakaway is not permitted nowadays for use with a septic tank due to the potential to contaminate ground water.

      A sewage treatment plant, however, can discharge to a concrete ring soakaway but an Environment Agency permit will be required.

      Drainage crates are not permitted by building control for foul drainage under any circumstances.


      A drainage field is used to disperse the effluent from either a septic tank or sewage treatment plant. The design of a drainage field is regularised by BS6297:2007+A1:2008.

      There are many factors to take into account when designing a drainage field, including the porosity of the subsoil, the number of people the drainage system will serve and the type of treatment system which is used.

      It is imperative that a drainage field is designed professionally and accurately as it is critical to the function of the complete drainage system.


      To satisfy the requirements of both building control and the Environment Agency a percolation test must be carried out prior to installation.

      The results of the percolation test will be used to calculate the size of the drainage field required.

      EDS Ltd have the knowledge and experience to carry out foul water percolation tests accurately to BS 6297:2007. We can offer a full design, supply and installation package backed by a 36 month warranty on our workmanship.

      We can also carry out surface water percolation tests in accordance with BRE 365 and size and design your surface water soakaway.

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