Cesspools are needed where conditions are not deemed suitable for alternative methods of waste management.

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      A cesspool is a large sealed underground tank which receives all of the foul waste water from a property.

      A cesspool is often seen as a last resort within the industry as they can be very expensive to install and maintain.

      Cesspools are usually designed to provide storage for approximately 2/3 months between empties and are, therefore, very large in size.

      In fact building regulations state that a cesspool should have a minimum capacity of at least 18,000 litres (18m3) for 2 users.

      The ongoing running costs of a cesspool are expensive because the home/property owner will have to pay for every drop of waste water used to be removed by a vacuum tanker. This can often lead to the owner being extremely cautious about the amount of water used.

      One benefit of a cesspool is that there is no requirement for a discharge permit and cesspools are not governed by the general binding rules.

      If you are looking for a new cesspool installation or currently have a cesspool and wish to explore more cost effective alternatives we are here to help.

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