Clogged Sewer Drain

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      Clogged Sewer Drain – Cleaning Wipes Causing Blocked Drains

      Clogged sewer drain is a problem that no one wants to experience, and you can go a long way to avoiding this issue by being careful about what you put down the toilet. Recent research has shown that wet wipes are one of the biggest causes of blockages throughout the UK.

      Water companies across England and Wales have reported that they get hundreds of call-outs every day to deal with blocked drains that have been caused as a result of wet wipes. A lot of professionals in the industry have consequently stated that the public needs greater education regarding what they should and should not be flushing away. Most companies will concur that the majority of debris they see coming out of a sewage system is wet wipes of some sort, from make-up remover wipes to those for babies’ bottoms. When wet wipes are combined in drains with grease being flushed by households and restaurants, the issue becomes even worse, as this creates the perfect combination for a blockage. There have been many discussions over the years between water companies and manufacturers regarding better product labelling, so that customers are aware of what they need to throw into the bin, as opposed to flushing down the toilet. Greater education could go a long way to reducing the need for drainage solutions. So, next time you go to flush a wet wipe down the toilet, think twice! Even if it says ‘flushable’ on the packaging, it’s better to put it into the bin.

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