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      Clogged Drainage System – The Most Common Causes Of Blocked Drains

      Clogged drainage system is, unfortunately, something many homeowners will experience at some point. However, there are steps you can take to stop this from occurring. This is all about being aware of the most common causes of blocked drains so that you can prevent them. Read on for more information.

      One of the most common causes for a blocked drain is fat and grease; however, it is also one of the easiest to prevent. You should never pour oil or any other type of fatty substance down the sink. If you do this, it will stick to the interior of the pipes, and it will then solidify. After time, it will build up to the point where no more liquid is able to pass through. Another common reason why people require drainage solutions is because of tree roots. This is especially true of older properties. Tree roots that are near the source of the drain can crack into the pipes over time, which can result in a blockage. Another reason for a blocked drain is a foreign object. This could be anything from toiletries, such as sanitary items and nappies, to food build-up, fats and soaps. There have also been many cases when a full roll of toilet roll has ended up in the drainage system, or when a children’s toy has caused such a blockage. Needless to say, the only thing that should be going down a toilet is toilet roll. You need to be very careful about what you flush away. You should never even attempt to flush baby wipes or kitchen roll.

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