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      Domestic Drainage – The Problem With Pitch Fibre Drainage Pipes

      Domestic drainage has changed rapidly over the years. Needless to say, what was effective 50 years ago is no longer as effective today. This is definitely the case with pitch fibre drainage pipes. They were first used in the 1950s in the UK because they were cheaper than conventional fired clay pipes. Today, they pose many problems.

      Despite the fact that the manufacturing of pitch fibre drain pipes ceased in 1984, there are still lots of drainage systems throughout the UK that contain these types of pipes; made from wood fibre impregnated with coal tar. The problem with these pipes is that they are susceptible to damage from the passage of heavy vehicles, tree root encroachment and delamination of their inner surface. Failures in these pipes have also been exacerbated by poor initial installation of the drainage system. Unlike clay pipes, these pipes need higher compaction and a granular bed, but this was not realised until 1973. This means that fibre pitch pipes were used for some 23 years before the industry realised how to install them properly. As a consequence, we see many pitch fibre pipes that do not have a round profile anymore – they have become deformed over time, resulting in a lot of blockages and eventually complete drainage system failure. If you have pitch fibre pipes at your property, you should talk to drainage specialists sooner rather than later about replacement pipes. You may not be experiencing any problems at the moment, but it is better to act before you do.

      If you currently have pitch fibre pipes as part of your drainage solutions, you should get in touch with Environmental Drain Services Ltd today. We may be able to re-line these, but it is often better to replace them with new domestic drainage instead. Talk to us on 01202 821340. Or, head to our website,, for more information.

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