Domestic Sewage Pumping Station

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      Domestic Sewage Pumping Station – Everything You Need To Know

      Domestic sewage pumping station is needed when the position or topology of a property stops wastewater from flowing under gravity. There are many different circumstances whereby a pumping station may be required, and in this post, we are going to tell you a bit more about these drainage solutions.

      There are a number of scenarios that can call for the installation of a domestic pump station. For instance, your home may be situated on land that is lower than a nearby public sewer, or your house could be on a septic tank yet need septic tank waste to be lifted to a soakaway that is on land that is higher than the septic tank. Basically, if you require rainwater, treated effluent, septic tank effluent, or raw sewage to be transported to an appropriate discharge point, a pumping station is a must. There are many benefits of having this piece of equipment installed. Not only does it make drainage possible where gravity alone isn’t enough, but you can expect simple maintenance, low noise, economic installation and low running costs. So, what exactly does the pump station consist of? In most cases, there is a tank that is installed below the ground, which is known in a wet well. Within the wet well, there are a number of submersible pumps that receive the wastewater and transport it to wherever it needs to go. This is managed by a control panel that switches on automatically, making management much easier and straightforward.

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