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      Drainage System Installation – Building Regulations Approval Document H

      Drainage system installation is something that needs to be carried out to the highest standard. This is why it is imperative to choose drainage specialists with care. Not only should you look for experience and the quality of their previous work, but also you need to ensure the firm adheres to Building Regulations Approval Document H.

      Building Regulations Approval Document H is a document that has been provided by the government. It features the following sections: foul water drainage, building over sewers, separate systems of drainage, rainwater drainage, wastewater treatment systems and cesspools, and solid waste storage. It is a 64-page document that outlines regulations that must be followed when it comes to drainage solutions and systems. In regards to foul water drainage, it states that an adequate drainage system should be supplied to transport foul water from appliances within the building to one of the following – a public sewer, a private sewer, a septic tank, or a cesspool. This is ordered based on priority. The document provides numerous diagrams, displaying everything from pipes penetrating walls, to pipe runs near buildings, to brand connections. This ensures that all drainage firms are aware of their requirements regarding each and every type of drainage system. Additional guidelines are also provided for larger buildings, and the document deals with repairs, alterations and the discontinued use of sewers and drains. All in all, no stone has been left unturned, and every good business should stringently adhere to these regulations.

      At Environmental Drain Services Ltd, we adhere to everything contained within the Building Regulations Approval Document H. When you work with us for drainage system installation, you can be sure of a professional, friendly, efficient and effective service at an affordable price. Visit http://s963370367.websitehome.co.uk today for more information about what we can do for you.

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