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      Grease Trap Options – Why Your Business Needs Them

      Grease trap installations are a requirement in modern kitchens utilised for commercial food preparation. Grease management systems stop grease finding its way into the public water system and causing blockages within local sewage systems. There are several different options for grease management, including below-ground grease tanks, systems that work underneath worktops along with dosing systems. All have positives and negatives, though some may be more suitable for your needs than others. If you’re searching for a grease trap or other drainage solutions for grease management, you should consult experts who are familiar with all methods to guarantee the one that’s right for you.


      What Grease Drainage Solutions Are Available?

      There are three main types of grease trap available for commercial kitchens. Below-ground grease trap installation options are, as the name suggests, based underground. These chambers allow fat and grease to be separated from the waste water that passes through your drainage system on a daily basis. The size of the unit depends on the requirements of the kitchen and, therefore, they can only be effectively designed and constructed once the needs of the kitchen have been established. However, below-ground grease trap construction can be disruptive to your business when it comes to maintenance and emptying. For instance, it’s not unusual for grease traps to be laid directly below the kitchen’s floor and therefore the kitchen must be disturbed in order to empty it. This can disrupt the work going on, especially with fatty odours floating around. Other grease trap options include above-ground ones such as stainless steel or plastic chambers sited in kitchens. These can have similar issues to underground chambers in that they still need emptying, which can affect a business’ day-to-day operations. However, they have some advantages, as they are usually easier to access than below-ground units. Alternatively, biological dosing units can be used in conjunction with these above-ground, often under-counter, grease trap chambers. These use bacteria to break down the fat and grease that has been deposited into the grease trap. This then allows the contents of the chamber to be released back into the overarching drainage system without fear of blockages. As such, these are popular options for commercial kitchens.


      Grease Trap Companies Should Put Your Needs First

      As with all industries, some grease trap and pump station companies are better at their jobs than others. What do you look for when you’re choosing an industry professional to design and install the best grease interceptor for your kitchen? First of all, ensure that they don’t simply deal in one type of interceptor. It stands to reason that a company that installs only one type of trap, such as above-ground ones, will attempt to convince clients that this is the perfect installation for them. In many cases it will be, but it should never be seen as the only option. Secondly, you must be confident that your commercial grease trap installation is going to be fit for purpose. This means hiring drainage engineers who have plenty of experience in the field and can demonstrate knowledge when you need your questions answered. No reputable company is going to pressure you into any type of drainage system or solution that isn’t right for you. Ultimately, they want you to be satisfied because, if you’re not, you won’t return to them when the time for maintenance and servicing comes around. If you’re at all in doubt about the company you’re considering hiring, be sure to check their experience in grease management systems. For commercial kitchens, a smooth running drainage system is critical to remain operational at peak times. Grease trap solutions are a vital aspect of this. To learn more about expert grease management systems for your business, talk to Environmental Drain Services Ltd.


      Grease Trap Solutions Expertly Provided By Environmental Drain Services Ltd

      Environmental Drain Services Ltd are Dorset’s premier drainage solutions provider. We have over 20 years of experience in installing drainage systems of all varieties, including the various types of grease trap available on the market. We offer on-site appraisals and will never try and pressure you into purchasing one type of grease management system when another may be more suited to your kitchen’s needs. We’re also on hand to provide advice and assistance with any other drainage issues you may need resolving. To find out more, call us today on 01202 821340 or visit us at and contact us online.

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