Rainwater Drainage System

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      Rainwater Drainage System – Different Types Of Residential Drainage Systems

      Rainwater drainage system options vary. When you contact a specialist drainage firm, they will assess your property and the exterior area to determine the best type of drainage system for you. Below, we are going to take a look at some of the most popular options in further detail.

      Firstly, we have the slope drainage system, which uses pipes to enable water to take its natural course away from the structure. Pipes are created using concrete, steel, plastic or metal, and are installed and anchored into a small incline, enabling the water to flow away from the structure. You are probably familiar with the downspout and gutter system. With this solution a downspout is connected to the gutter system on a property, carrying the water away from the roof and down onto the ground. Most downspout pipes are made using steel, aluminium or copper, and they can be rectangular or round. To ensure the water does not pool at the base of the downspout, most of them will empty into a slope. Another common type of drainage system is the subsurface drain solution, which includes subsurface drains that are located underneath the top layer of soil. This has the purpose of removing excess water from soil at the root level. This is important because trees and plants will perish if they have too much water; subsurface drains stop this from happening, as they ensure the roots do not sit in water for too long.

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