Cesspools are needed where conditions are not deemed suitable for alternative methods of waste management.

    Request a FREE Onsite Appraisal

      Request a FREE Onsite Appraisal

      EDS will carryout in depth surveying of conditions to assess suitability for Cesspool solutions.

      Cesspools are sometimes referred to as a cesspit and are simply a sealed tank or storage container which provides no treatment to waste water. It must be emptied at regular intervals as and when the tank fills up. They are installed when neither a septic tank, pump station nor sewage treatment plant would be suitable.

      A cesspool is installed as a last resort often installed where water resources require protection, high water table areas, in dense clay, in locations where no discharge point is available or to serve properties such as holiday homes where usage is intermittent.

      Environmental Drain Services have the expertise to design an appropriate of mains drainage solution and look at all possible alternatives before concluding that a cesspool is required for a site. Once this decision is reached you can be assured that Environmental Drain Services will be able to successfully install a cesspool even in the most challenging of ground conditions.

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