Drainage Systems

Design and installation of drainage systems for all applications and environments.

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      Request a FREE Onsite Appraisal

      Environmental Drain Services Ltd are able to design, specify and install suitable drainage from small additional drainage runs to replacement or installation of a whole new system of foul or surface water drainage.

      All drainage works, whether it be surface water or foul drainage, are governed by Building Regulations Approval Document H. This document stipulates drainage capacities and design layouts for drainage. It is very important that any new or replacement drainage is designed and installed to be fit for purpose and cope with the expected flow.

      An increasing problem with existing drainage is deterioration of pitch fibre pipes. This material was commonly used in the 60’s but now can cause problems with blistering and/or deformation. It can be possible to re-line these drain runs but it may be more effective to replace with new drainage.

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