Sewage Treatment Plants

Installing a new sewage treatment plant is a major undertaking. Typically, cleaner and more environmentally friendly than a septic tank

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      Sewage treatment plants are typically installed where a septic tank and soakaway system cannot perform properly as the subsoil conditions are not appropriate and septic tank system would result in pollution to the environment.

      A sewage treatment plant is a self contained unit which biologically treats sewage by naturally occurring bacteria to a much higher standard than a septic tank. The Effluent usually undergoes aerobic breakdown of sewage, this typically means that the plant must provide suitable environment for the bacteria to live and put them in contact with the sewage and air.

      EDS use the very best products available from a wide range of manufacturers.

      There are many manufactures of sewage treatment plants such as Klargester, BioRock, WPL and Conder and many more. The different plants obtain the required environment for the bacteria in differing ways. The different manufacturers produce plants of different models and sizes making different sewage treatment plants suitable for different situations. Any sewage treatment plant sold in the UK should be type tested and CE Certified to ensure that you are purchasing equipment fit for purpose. Environmental Drain Services can provide professional advice and installation on all sewage plants on the market and provide the most suitable solution for your site.


      Let EDS take care of regulatory compliance.

      The installation of a new sewage treatment plant must take many factors into account, it must be designed and installed correctly in order to operate effectively, and therefore must be installed by an experienced contractor. An installation of a Sewage Treatment Plant is regulated by Building Control and the Environment Agency and may require licensing.

      Sewage treatment plants produce a very clean effluent which can where appropriate be discharged to ground via a suitably sized soakaway or directly to a water course.

      Environmental Drain Services Ltd can provide a total package, from initial site assessment and design of the system through to liaison and obtaining all licenses and approvals to final supply and installation of the system.

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