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      Sewage Pumping Station – Scenarios That Call For Pumping Stations

      Sewage pumping station is an intermediate collecting / storage chamber that incorporates pump sets that transfer surface water or foul water to a local sewer, manhole or drain. Below, we are going to take a look at the different scenarios that call for a pump station.

      Also known as lift stations, pumping stations transfer wastewater to greater elevations. There are a number of different situations that call for sewer pumping stations. One example is when an existing gravity system is not yet available. Instead, a pump station will ensure development and growth according to the applicable community plan. You may also require a pumping station if discharge outlets are below the level of the receiving body of water. If the sewage needs to be elevated to get head for gravity flow via a treatment plant, you will also need to invest in this type of drainage solution. Other situations include when sewage needs conveying over a ridge, basements are too low to discharge sewage into the main sewer, and the existing typography and required minimum sewer grades generate deep sewers that have expensive construction costs. As you can see, there are many different situations that call for the use of a pumping station. The best thing to do is find a quality company that can advise you on the best move forward for your needs. They may confirm that a pump station is exactly what you need, or they may point you in the direction of another option.

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