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      Sewage Treatment Plant Hampshire – An Introduction

      Sewage treatment plant Hampshire based is an option to consider if a septic tank and soakaway system is not suitable because it cannot perform correctly due to inappropriate subsoil conditions. In such cases, a septic tank system would cause pollution, which is why a treatment plant is the better approach. Read on for more information.

      A sewage treatment plant is a self-contained unit that biologically treats sewage. It does this with naturally occurring bacteria to a much higher standard than a septic tank. With these types of drainage solutions, the waste typically experiences an aerobic breakdown of sewage, which means that an effective plant needs to offer an appropriate environment for the bacteria to live in, putting them in contact with both the air and the sewage. There are lots of different brands that have designed effective sewage treatment plants, from BioRock to Klargester. The best thing to do is to align yourself with a top-quality drainage firm so that they can advise you on the best plant for you. This will need to be a treatment plant that is CE certified and type tested, ensuring it is fit for purpose. Of course, there are many other factors that need to be considered, including the size and the materials used. You also need to determine whether you require licensing. This is often the case, as Building Control and the Environment Agency regulate the installation of any treatment plant.

      If you are interested in sewage treatment plant Hampshire based services, there is only one company for the job – Environmental Drain Services Ltd. We have plenty of experience in the industry and can provide you with the total package, from the initial site assessment through to the installation of your plant. To find out more, simply head to, where you can request a FREE onsite appraisal.

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