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      Sewage Treatment Plant Options Can Be Your Drainage Solution

      Sewage treatment plant options are a very good alternative to septic tanks. If, for whatever reason, a septic tank would be unable to perform in the conditions near your property, a treatment plant offers you other drainage solutions. For instance, subsoil conditions may be inappropriate for a septic tank and, if there is any risk of pollution to the wider environment, they can’t be installed. However, installing your own sewage treatment plant will allow you to biologically treat waste water effectively to allow it to be neutralised and released back into a nearby watercourse. This makes it an excellent foul water disposal system.


      Drainage Solutions – How Do Sewage Treatment Plants Work?

      If you’re considering sewage treatment plant installation, you need to be aware of how these plants operate. Essentially, they are self-contained units able to treat sewage biologically by using bacteria. There are several varieties of treatment plant, many of which operate in different ways. This means that, with the different types on offer, there is usually a sewage treatment plant that will work for your drainage system. Internally, your treatment plant works in a similar way to a septic tank, except that it treats waste water and matter in an ultimately more effective way. Whereas different types of soil can impact on how a septic tank works, a sewage treatment or waste water treatmentplant will ensure that no contaminated water enters the water table by neutralising the waste water. The effluent is then able to be discharged into local watercourses. However, this leaves solids to accumulate inside the sewage treatment plant, so it will need emptying occasionally. It will also need regular servicing to ensure that it is operating correctly. As a complex mechanical system, it’s important to keep it in good working order to prevent problems elsewhere in your drainage system. Commercial sewage treatment plant choices are also an effective way of servicing larger, more commercial buildings. It’s worth noting, though, that the requirements for each installation will vary, especially for larger developments. When you’re looking at your drainage options, you should always take professional advice and ensure that you fully grasp what system you’re purchasing and how it will work.


      How To Choose A Sewage Treatment Plant Service Provider

      There are many sewage treatment plant installers across the UK. When you’re choosing the right one for you, though, you should ask some important questions first. There are plenty of options available, but if you know little or nothing about sewage treatment, as most of us do, then you’re reliant on the opinion of experts. If you choose a sewage treatment plant service provider that only installs one type of treatment plant, for instance, it’s highly likely the drainage solution installed won’t necessarily be optimised for your drainage system. This means that, in the long term, it won’t operate effectively. So it’s important that you choose drainage professionals who offer a wide range of services. They’ll first be able to tell you whether a sewage treatment plant is a viable alternative to a septic tank for your particular circumstances; and then design and install the correct unit for you. Only experienced drainage contractors can consistently provide this service, as they will have worked with various different units on a regular basis and can demonstrate past successes. Sewage treatment plants sold and installed in the UK must be type-tested and they also must be CE Certified. This type of installation is regulated in the UK by Building Control along with the Environment Agency, ensuring that the equipment is in full working order at the point of installation. Therefore, to ensure you receive the benefit of sound professional advice and installation, choose an expert installation service such as Environmental Drain Services Ltd.


      Your Ideal Sewage Treatment Plant Installed By Environmental Drain Services Ltd

      Environmental Drain Services Ltd have been providing cost effective and efficient drainage solutions to domestic and commercial properties for over 20 years. We are one of the largest installers of Klargester and Kingspan in the UK and we treat every job as a fresh challenge. If you’re searching for the right sewage treatment plant option for you, we’re able to design and install a system ideal for your specifications. We’re also on hand to advise about regular servicing and what to do if things go wrong further down the line. To find out more about our sewage treatment plant installations, visit our website now at or call 01202 821340.

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